Improving transitions of care

9 October 2019

Care of patients as they transition between intensive care units (ICUs) and inpatient wards will improve thanks to a new eHealth NSW-driven project designed to link the digital systems recording their care.

Across NSW Health, 165 facilities use electronic medication management (eMeds). Twenty of these facilities with adult ICUs are also using the Electronic Record for Intensive Care (eRIC).

In 2018, eHealth NSW spearheaded a Transitions of Care (ToC) proof of concept, which in May 2019 proved the technical viability of integrating medication management information workflows between eRIC and eMR during the transitions of care.

Based on this success, eHealth NSW has begun the integrated Transitions of Care (iTOC) project to design and deliver a quality, safe solution that supports the effective and safe transfer of medication management information, allergies and adverse drug reactions.

“This will markedly enhance the interoperability of the clinical workflows between eRIC and eMR, reducing the risk and time associated with manually transcribing medication management information between digital systems,” said eHealth NSW eRIC Program Director, Chris Edwards.

“As part of iTOC’s first phase, we will be inviting an ICU to participate in a pilot to support and confirm the robustness of the solution in readiness for state-wide implementation."

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