Our culture

Our culture starts with our people. Our values align to our purpose. Our DNA drives the way we work.


Our culture

As our organisation continues to evolve and grow, our values and DNA remain constant. They guide what we do, who we work with and why we work on the solutions and services we deliver.

We pride ourselves on our open and inclusive culture. Supporting our people is intentional and critical to our organisation’s success. For us, our values aren’t just words. Our staff live them every day, whether they’re discussing new projects, deciding on the best solution for a digital health problem, or working with our colleagues on the frontline.

eHealth NSW is committed to fostering a strong and inclusive and diverse culture that proactively embraces change, innovation and agility, by attracting and developing great talent supported by the right knowledge, capabilities and systems.
Dr Zoran Bolevich,
Chief Executive, eHealth NSW
Zoran Bolevich
eHealth NSW culture. Three colleagues having a casual conversation.

Our values

As part of NSW Health, our CORE values underpin everything we do, from the solutions and services we offer to the way we interact and support patients and staff.

Our values encourage collaboration, openness and respect in the workplace, empowering our staff members to use their knowledge, skills and experience to provide the best possible care for patients, their families and their carers.

  • Collaboration
    We work collaboratively to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Openness
    We are open in our communications, building confidence and increasing cooperation.
  • Respect
    We respect the abilities, knowledge, skills and achievements of our people.
  • Empowerment
    We empower and encourage our people to grow, develop and succeed.

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eHealth NSW culture. Man and woman having a conversation.

Our organisational DNA

At eHealth NSW, there are three essential principles driving everything we do. Our culture is grounded in these set of values – they shape the way we work. They are part of our day-to-day conversations; they guide our decisions and determine our success.

  • Achievement Focused
    We celebrate successes, acknowledge culturally aligned behaviours and tell colleagues when they have done a good job. We deliver on commitments to customers and learn from our experiences.
  • Partnership and Collaboration
    We create opportunities for individuals and teams to collaborate in and across functions. We ask, ‘what is the outcome?’ and ‘what are we trying to achieve?’ and align this to collective goals.
  • Greater Good
    We open our meetings with customer/patient stories to keep us grounded in the work we do – contributing to better health outcomes for the people of NSW.

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Our staff’s view

In the 2022 People Matter’s Survey eHealth NSW had one of the highest engagement scores across all NSW Government agencies, including across NSW Health – in areas such as job purpose & enrichment; role clarity & support; inclusion and diversity; teamwork and collaboration; flexible working; recognition and employee voice.

Heather Cardin 

"I can hand on heart say eHealth NSW is an excellent place to work for those who enjoy innovation, problem-solving and working with people who value customer-centricity at the heart of all decisions."

Heather Cardin
Head of Training

Tim Morcombe 

“Each day I work with an incredibly talented and dedicated team to ensure that eHealth NSW’s clinical digital health systems support first class care and elevate the human experience.”

Tim Morcombe
Principal Allied Health Advisor