Career Development

We are committed to supporting our people grow and develop at eHealth NSW. We encourage our staff to try different roles, take on new challenges, and learn new skills throughout their career.

Development opportunities

For us, investing in our staff is a priority. We want you to grow with us. We’ll train you in the latest skills so you can access in-demand roles and give you new challenges so you’re always taking the next step in your career.

We offer a range of formal and informal training programs in both management and technical skills for staff at all levels. Read more about the opportunities available below.

  • Open to all staff, the eHealth NSW Digital Academy draws on the expertise of world-class vendor partners (including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, PwC) and our in-house teams to help staff develop the following core competencies: agile management, cloud computing, data analytics, human-centred design, patient safety and quality improvement management, service management with Service Now, starting with the customer in mind, integration and interoperability plus more.

    Qualifications include professional certification as well as NSW Health training accreditation with courses ranging from beginner to specialist (e.g. agile for DevOps, cloud security, data visualisation and storytelling, introduction to usability testing) delivered through a mixture of in person, self-directed and virtual sessions.

    Since its launch in 2021 over 1000 staff have participated in training through our Digital Academy.

    Visit the Digital Academy page

  • We run a range of leadership programs throughout the year including quarterly senior leader forums, mentoring and coaching, leadership workshops and more formal courses.

    These include:

    • eHealth NSW Leadership Development Series - Building Foundational Leadership Skills and Building Senior Leadership and Executive Level Skills
    • People Management Skills Program (PMSP) run by the Health Education Training Institute
    • Leadership Development Library aligned to Public Service Commission (PSC) capability framework
    • Bespoke 360 feedback development program including a virtual learning program to develop mindsets, beliefs and behaviours of eHealth NSW leaders
    • Hybrid workplace training, for managers and team members
    • Communicating in culturally diverse teams training.
  • Our mentoring program offers both formal and informal opportunities for staff giving them the opportunity to develop their skills, increase their confidence and get a broader perspective about how different parts of the business operate.

    Our 1:1 coffee program offers staff the chance to attend three sessions within six months with a range of mentors. Mentees simply pick topics of interest and book in a timeslot. Our structured 12-month program provides a more formal approach, matching staff for ongoing, dedicated mentoring throughout the year.

  • eHealth NSW runs regular lunch n learn webinars for staff across a range of topics. These feature updates on our products and services as well as guest speakers from across NSW Health and beyond. Our staff can also access regular events and training held by other NSW Health organisations.

  • We offer staff a range of free online courses through NSW Health’s Learning Management System. These include course in cyber safety, leadership and management, communication and relationships, corporate governance, work health and safety to name just a few.

  • We offer Aboriginal staff the opportunity to build their skills and experience through the Aboriginal Development Program. Participants develop a career development plan, complete short courses, get assistance with resume development and interview coaching, and participate in a range of other development opportunities.

  • The eHealth NSW IT internship program is a 12-month, development focused opportunity targeted at university students in their final year of an undergraduate degree, studying ICT/IT/business/commerce or a health-related discipline.

    Through the Australasian College of Health Service Managers (ACHSM) internship program we provide the opportunity for graduates to work through a range of rotations working alongside our senior leaders and taking ownership of projects that are meaningful to their career aspirations.

  • eHealth NSW participates in the NSW Government IT Traineeship program. The traineeship has been designed for Year 12 school leavers seeking to commence a career in IT, with approximately 70 places available in 2022 across NSW. Learn more about the NSW Government IT Traineeship program.

  • Community of Practice (CoP) groups at eHealth NSW bring people together who share a common interest, so they can collaborate regularly, share knowledge, and advance their skills. There are currently over 15 Community of Practice (CoP) groups at eHealth NSW.