Our structure

eHealth NSW was established in 2014 as part of the Health Administration Corporation Act to provide statewide leadership on the planning, implementation and support of ICT and digital capabilities across NSW’s public health system.

Our role

eHealth NSW supports The NSW Ministry of Health as the ‘system manager’ for the NSW public health system.

Australia’s largest health system operates more than 220 public hospitals, as well as providing community health and other public health services. This network of local health districts, specialty networks, health organisations and non-government affiliated health organisations is known collectively as NSW Health.

We work in partnership with all these health organisations to provide world-leading ICT solutions that support the health and wellness needs of NSW communities.

Our organisation

eHealth NSW has nine business groups driving both strategic and operational outcomes in support of the eHealth Strategy for NSW.

  • The Clinical Engagement and Patient Safety directorate designs systems for patient care, ensuring guidance and feedback from clinicians is implemented to improve the usability, safety, usefulness and efficiency of digital solutions. They are committed to building better, safer tools through human-centred design and clinician engagement.

    Clinician engagement is steered by the Clinical Engagement Framework, a model for engagement that allows the participation of all clinicians across NSW Health. The Patient Safety and Quality Framework ensures improved and safer solutions for clinicians providing care to patients.

    Clinical solutions design support is steered by the Clinical Solutions Design Governance Framework, as well as by the human-centred design approach taken, ensuring consistently high standards of usability, usefulness and safety.

  • The Customer Engagement and Service Transitions directorate partners with NSW Health organisations to provide continuous improvement and manage the streamlined delivery and transition of ICT solutions.

    The Customer Experience team focuses on customer understanding, experience design, measurement and feedback. The Service Transitions team works to streamline delivery and effective risk management via a comprehensive transition and service integration framework.

  • The Finance directorate, provides strategic financial advice, management and business analytics to support robust decision making. They ensure compliance with relevant policies, procedures, legislation and regulations and identify opportunities for innovation to increase value across the system.

    Key areas of focus are statutory reporting, budgets and forecasting, governance, costing analysis, price modelling, analytics and asset management.

  • ICT Procurement partners with industry through each phase of the procurement, design and delivery of ICT solutions. This partnership approach enables us to meet our customer’s needs more thoroughly and effectively than the traditional supplier/customer relationship.

    For supplier, partnering and tendering enquiries visit NSW eTendering. For NSW Government policies and contract information visit the buy.nsw supplier hub.

  • The Investment, Strategy and Architecture directorate comprises four teams: Investment Management, Strategy and Innovation, Enterprise Architecture, and Cross Government Partnerships. Their areas of focus include the development and monitoring of statewide ICT strategies, setting investment priorities, advising our partners on effective enterprise change capability and leading ICT policy development to support our ICT solutions.

  • This directorate includes eHealth NSW’s Business Planning Office, Communication Services, Policy, Briefings and Executive Services and Privacy teams.

    They support the Chief Executive in achieving our strategic goals, advising on policy, initiatives and issues. They also manage privacy and governance functions for eHealth NSW, providing secretariat services for the eHealth Executive Council and CIO Executive Leadership Group.

    The Business Plan Implementation Office is responsible for overseeing eHealth NSW’s new business plan while Communication Services is charged with telling the story of NSW Health’s digital transformation. This team provides consistent communications for our partners, customers, patients and consumers, NSW Health staff and the media as well as our own people.

  • The People and Culture team support our workforce to learn and grow, embrace change and innovation, and work in partnership across the health system to make a positive difference. Alongside our CORE values of Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment our cultural DNA guides the way we do things at eHealth NSW. We are Achievement Focused through Partnership and Collaboration for the Greater Good.

  • Program Delivery works in partnerships to deliver high quality solutions that support patient-centred care and the digital access to care of NSW residents. These solutions span the breadth of the healthcare system and into the community across the continuum of care from electronic records of care to integrated and consumer facing solutions to critical infrastructure and analytics.

  • Service Delivery manages the implementation, maintenance and enhancement of all eHealth NSW-managed statewide clinical and corporate systems, integration and data warehousing platforms, and the infrastructure these systems are built on. Underpinning these are their data analytics services, system integration and cyber security services.

    By managing the hosting, management and analysis of state-wide data and integration between clinical platforms, Service Delivery ensures the right information is available to the right staff, at the right time and the safety and security of patient and staff data.

Our leadership and governance

eHealth NSW’s business groups drive statewide leadership on the planning, implementation and support of ICT and digital capabilities across NSW’s public health system. Each business group is overseen by a Director, reporting into the Chief Executive. Underpinning our day-to-day operations is a governance structure that ensures the success of our programs and projects.

The Chief Executive is responsible for the corporate governance practices of eHealth NSW.

Working with the NSW Ministry of Health

We work with NSW Health to drive a digitally enabled and integrated health system, delivering patient-centred health experiences and quality health outcomes.

In 2022, NSW Health launched the Future Health Report, which guides the next decade of care in NSW 2022-2032. Future Health is a roadmap for how NSW Health meets the increasing health demands and needs of our community. It has been informed by the viewpoints and experiences of thousands of people who either work in, or work closely with the NSW Health system, as well as from the many patients it cares for.

Every year the NSW Ministry of Health produces an annual report that describes the performance and operation of NSW Health during that year. The annual report includes reports from the NSW Ministry of Health, statutory health corporations, specialty health networks, the Health Administration Corporation and local health districts.