Our solutions

eHealth NSW solutions support organisational and clinical staff to deliver patient centred health experiences and quality health outcomes. In addition, we provide patients with solutions that assist them in managing their health and well-being and keeping them informed.

Our solutions are diverse, ranging from medical imaging innovation, vaccination management to supporting asset management across large rural and remote geographical regions and workforce management systems that support the large and complex NSW Health workforce of over 170,000 staff.

eHealth NSW provides solutions in nine core areas to support NSW Health.

Many of our recent solutions have received honourable mentions or have been nominated as finalists in industry awards. Read more about our awards and recognition here.

  • Our clinical care solutions support the digital diagnosis, treatment and management of a patients health care by NSW Health. They include everything from medical records to patient administration, digital imaging to medication management, and the electronic transfer of patient information between different clinicians, hospitals and facilities.

    Read more about our clinical care solutions here.

  • Our solutions support patients to digitally manage their care, engage with NSW Health and provide direct feedback on their healthcare experience.

    Read more about our patient experience solutions here.

  • Our vaccination and epidemiology and disease surveillance systems provide the data and administration management capabilities needed to keep the people of NSW Health safe and well.

    Read more about our population health solutions here.

  • Our solutions safely connect patients with health professionals to deliver care when and where it is needed. Our solutions include telehealth, remote monitoring and video conferencing.

    Read more about our virtual care solutions here.

  • Our solutions streamline and standardise processes enabling staff to work effectively. Digitally we support everything from asset management to procurement, office productivity to workforce planning, recruitment to finance and everything in between.

    Read more about our workforce and business management solutions here.

  • Our solutions support clinical trials management and research ethics and governance for NSW Health. We also work with research partners to drive digital health innovation.

    Read more about research & innovation here.

  • Our solutions leverage data to help NSW Health solve complex challenges and drive better health outcomes for the people of NSW.

    Read more about our data & analytics solutions here.

  • Our hosting, networking, integration and interoperability solutions provide the critical infrastructure underpinning NSW Health's digital services.

    Read more about our infrastructure solutions here.

  • We provide a range of ICT management, monitoring and support services for NSW Health staff including incident and request management as well as the state wide service desk.

    Read more about our ICT management solutions here.

eHealth NSW by numbers
2 million+
doses administered via VAM
1 billion
medical images migrated to RIS-PACS
bills processed each month on Pathology Billing
job postings managed through ROB

Data correct as of February 2022