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We provide a range of support services for individuals or organisations wanting to partner with us or seek endorsement for their research.

eHealth NSW uses an operating model, including key criteria and principles, with consideration on value and benefits for the system, as well as how research could be translated into practice. With these considerations, eHealth NSW endorses and partners with particular projects.

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“Research is central for the delivery of effective evidence-based digital health solutions and outcomes. We are preparing the frameworks that will support the cultural shift as eHealth becomes a research-led organisation, recognised both nationally and internationally in years to come.”
Dr Mark Simpson
Executive Director, Clinical Engagement and Patient Safety
eHealth NSW

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Research Project Eligibility Criteria

Research projects must meet the following criteria in order to be considered:

  • The research must add value and demonstrate benefit or outcomes to the system and/or stakeholders
  • The project must directly align with the priorities of eHealth NSW (eHealth Strategy for NSW Health, NSW Health Analytics Framework, NSW Health Strategic Priorities, and The Premier’s Priorities)
  • The application must demonstrate collaborative engagement and consultation with relevant networks and stakeholders where applicable (e.g. partner organisations, MOH, ACI, clinicians, Local ICT, Chief Information Officer, health service administrators, researchers, and consumers)
  • Completed feasibility trial and/or pilot project demonstrating value, before considering multi-site state-wide roll out and/or broad ICT integration.

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eHealth NSW Endorsement

All applicants who require endorsement from eHealth NSW need to contact the eHealth Research Team for project approval.

Prior to applying for any research grant, applicants should follow the Application Process Overview outlined below. Please attach a one-page project outline for review including what is being requested of eHealth. The eHealth Research Team will review the application and get in contact, provide feedback and any next steps.

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Application Process Overview

Submission of applications, review and delivery follows a standard process.

eHealth NSW Consultation Phase

  • Researcher contacts eHealth NSW
  • Initial eHealth NSW review of application
  • eHealth NSW internal stakeholder engagement and preliminary review
  • Feedback from eHealth NSW to Researcher
  • Researcher project proposal submission to

eHealth NSW Review Phase

  • Research evaluation and engagement of partner organisations (mix of internal and external) review
  • eHealth NSW executive and/or relevant NSW Health partner organisations executive endorse successful proposals.

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Delivery Phase

  • Researcher makes ethics application to HREC
  • Any appropriate research contracts are executed
  • Researcher conducts research project in accordance with project and contract terms
  • Researcher delivers progress reports and engages with network/taskforce/institute/HREC/funding organisation
  • Research presents project outcomes to eHealth NSW (project report, outcomes, benefits and translation).

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eHealth NSW supports and encourages a strong research program, driven by internal and external researchers

The Research review and approval process involves 3 steps

  1. External Researcher engagement
  2. Internal eHealth NSW review and collaboration
  3. eHealth endorsement and approval

Research Conduct

All research undertaken in partnership with the eHealth NSW must adhere to relevant standards of research conduct. Proposals and research designs should be developed with reference to the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and Australian Research Council (ARC) standards of academic conduct.

All research practices conducted in partnership with eHealth NSW must meet the following conduct:

  • Obtain and maintain ongoing approval from relevant human research ethics committee(HREC)
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Have a high likelihood to translate into better patient outcomes, health service delivery, and population health and wellbeing
  • Be of excellent and robust scientific quality
  • Demonstrate excellent leadership
  • Ensure security of research data and information
  • Support appropriate intellectual property
  • Meet legislative requirements on confidentiality and privacy of information
  • Establish mechanism for appropriate record keeping
  • Be appropriately resourced
  • Protect participants
  • Maintain appropriate training of staff and researchers
  • Commit to regular reporting, including publishing results and disseminating research finding in an accurate and timely manner
  • Provide eHealth NSW advanced copies of publications, at least two weeks prior to submission
  • Support appropriate authorship rights
  • Support appropriate acknowledgements
  • Meet internationally recognised research integrity standards.