Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to having a workforce that reflects the communities we serve and provide a culturally safe work environment. In line with NSW Health’s Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Statement of Commitment.

Valuing diversity

We actively recruit people from diverse backgrounds to build a supportive and inclusive workplace. We take steps to ensure our staff have a sense of belonging, value and opportunity. There are many formal and informal community networks across eHealth NSW that provide both social connection as well as valuable advice and insights for our work.

Diversity helps us to:

  • Attract great workforce talent and increase employee retention
  • Deliver the best health outcomes
  • Provide culturally appropriate and respectful healthcare
  • And better understand our community.

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Women at IWD

Gender equality

As we continue to make progress in building a more diverse workforce, the number of women employed by eHealth NSW is increasing. Today, women make up 44% of our employees.

Made up of more than 350* members our Women’s Leadership Community of Practice runs multiple networking events during the year and supports eHealth NSW’s annual celebration of International Women’s Day. The community is a valued part of eHealth NSW’s diverse culture and essential to our gender equality action plan coming to life.

Indigenous inclusion

eHealth NSW is committed to providing employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

By building a culturally safe and informed workplace, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues can build their careers through opportunities such as the Aboriginal development program.

Our first Aboriginal Employment Plan 2017 – 2020, developed in partnership with HealthShare NSW, focused on Aboriginal employment and enhancing our staff’s knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal culture.

Our staff now have access to a range of training on cultural respect as well as resources to support indigenous recruitment including NSW Health’s Stepping Up program.

Diversity and Inclusion Document

LGBTIQ+ inclusion

We work hard to ensure our culture enables everyone to reach their full potential regardless of gender or sexuality.

Our approach to LGBTIQ+ inclusion is underpinned by the NSW LGBTIQ+ Health Strategy 2022-2027. This strategy provides direction to all NSW Health organisations and staff, so that collectively we can deliver the best care to LGBTIQ+ people in the community as well as for the health, wellbeing and safety of our health staff who are LGBTIQ+. The strategy has been built on the voices, experiences and insights of over 1600 LGBTIQ+ people across NSW and more than 750 NSW Health staff.

Our LGBTIQ+ community connect through regular events such as IDAHOBIT, Wear it Purple and Mardi Gras as well as through our new Diversity Council.

People with Disability

eHealth NSW is committed to achieving a barrier-free workplace for people with a disability. We want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive in the workplace.

We launched our first Disability Employment Strategy with our partner agency HealthShare NSW in 2017. It set out our decision to be an enabling organisation that is inclusive of people of all abilities, putting accessibility front and centre of everything we do.

Our new Diversity Council will build upon this first strategy. Staff from across the organisation are encouraged to participate, sharing their experiences to help us develop a renewed action plan for the future.

*Data correct as of June 2022