Rural eHealth Strategy

Rural eHealth Program

The Rural eHealth Program will deliver a new approach to the way healthcare is delivered across rural areas of NSW.

The vision for Rural eHealth is to use the power of electronic information to help ensure that patients get the right care, involve the right clinicians, at the right time, to deliver the right outcomes.

The Program aims to improve the way we manage and deliver the appropriate tools and resources to clinicians, staff and most importantly patients, by focussing on the delivery and support we provide across corporate and infrastructure programs.

A number of priorities for accelerating eHealth in rural areas in NSW include the need to:

  • Strengthen eHealth operational and strategic governance
  • Provide sustainable and ongoing change management and training
  • Provide appropriately resourced and clinically aware ICT support
  • Provide secure, reliable and highly available information and communication infrastructure
  • Implement a single patient record
  • Provide clinical workflow tools to support the patient journey and support clinical decisions
  • Support patient access and self-management
  • Support reporting and decision making e.g. service planning.
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