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NSW Health App

The prototype is one of several ‘digital front doors’ being developed to better connect consumers to their care, making it easier to safely and securely access and search for NSW Health services and information.

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The Challenge

As part of the Future Health: Strategic Framework, NSW Health has set a strategic outcome to deliver positive experiences and outcomes that matter to patients and carers.

We want to create consistent positive experiences for consumers, patients and carers through our digital channels.

As the digital arm of NSW Health, eHealth NSW is working with the Ministry of Health and the Department of Customer Service, to design and test solutions to act as ‘front doors’ to digital information & services about NSW Health.

As part of the digitisation of patient experience, we are tasked with developing and testing how digital technology can improve access to information and services and empower patients.

The App prototype is one of the digital channels that could make it easier for people to navigate NSW Health hospitals and health services. It is an example of one digital ‘front door’ that could fulfil our aim to empower consumers and patients to be active participants in their healthcare.

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The Plan

The NSW Health app prototype has the potential to guide and inform a consumer-centred health experience and contribute to improved patient and population health outcomes.

The app prototype offers a new way to connect patients to their care, making it easier for consumers to safely and securely access and search for information.

The initial prototype will provide simple, easy to access and up to date information about NSW Health services.

The prototype provides consumers with access to both general information published on the NSW Health web portal and to relevant NSW Health services. Initial features include:

  • Public health alerts
  • Find A Hospital / CarPark
  • NSW Health website information
  • My Virtual Care service information
  • NSW Health news
  • User feedback and basic preferences

The prototype deliberately provides only basic information and functionality so we can test and find out what matters most to consumers, patients and carers.

We are working with local health district (LHD) partners, the Department of Customer Service,  consumer reference groups and individual consumers to co-design and test the prototype. The findings will inform the design and implementation of the prototype and other digital channels.

Overtime more features and functionality may be added to eventually provide a more personalised service and empower consumers and patients to be more active participants in their healthcare.

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The Outcome

NSW Health’s digital front doors will continue to evolve, as the digital transformation of NSW Health progresses.

To date, the initial prototype is under construction with ongoing testing informing its development.

The prototype will inform longer-term planning and further solutions for creating positive and consistent digital experiences for patients and consumers engaging with NSW Health.

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The Benefits

The prototype will save consumers time and effort by helping them to easily find key information when they need it most. By providing existing information in one single, safe, and secure app, NSW Health aims to provide a better digital experience for NSW consumers.

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