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Engage Health

A single online destination where consumers can access digital health services.

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The Challenge

In the past, eHealth NSW supported NSW Health in the delivery of ICT services mainly for use by its clinicians and staff. Increasingly however, eHealth NSW is also delivering services directly to the public. This has been driven by the development of new digital health services to enhance the patient experience, as well as new services to support COVID-19 related public health measures. To make these solutions accessible to consumers, NSW Health needed a new online destination that would provide a digital front door to these new services.

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The Plan

NSW Health needed to provide consumers with an online entry point where various digital health services could be easily accessed. It would be a central location for patients, carers, clinicians and the community of NSW to access these services. A new web portal called Engage Health was developed to meet these needs.

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The Outcome

Consumers can now access a range of digital health services provided by NSW Health through the Engage Health portal. These include the HOPE platform and the Vaccine Clinic Finder which directs consumers to the Vaccine Administration Management (VAM) platform. The portal can also be expanded in the future to include new digital health services as they are made available.

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The Benefits

Consumers can conveniently access a range of NSW Health digital services from a single online destination. As new services are developed, these too will be available on the portal, providing a digital front door for NSW Health services.

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