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Research findings highlight technology’s role in medication safety

29 September 2022

Reducing medication errors in children's hospitals is firmly in the state's focus with the release of new, world-first research from Macquarie University, Sydney Children’s Hospital and eHealth NSW.

Led by Prof. Johanna Westbrook from Macquarie University, the research was launched at the National Medication Safety Symposium recently.

It found the use of Electronic Medication Management systems can help to lower medication errors in children’s hospitals.

Digital technology plays critical role in clinical settings

According to Dr Mark Simpson, Executive Director, Clinical Engagement and Patient Safety, eHealth NSW, this research highlights the crucial role digital technology plays in clinical settings.

“Research is vital to create proven, digital health solutions and outcomes," Dr Simpson said.

"This is one of the reasons why we are proud to be part of this research.  The findings will help shape and inform the future of digital health now, and into the future.”

“We will continue to work with leading research institutions to support eHealth NSW to become a research-led organisation.”

eMR and eMeds improve patient safety

eHealth NSW has led the way in supporting a digitally enabled health system through the roll-out of Electronic Medical Records (eMR) and Electronic Medication management system (eMeds).

eMeds is now in use at 200 hospitals across NSW and is used to prescribe, dispense, and provide medication to patients. It also helps to monitor interactions, doses and provides safety alerts to avoid errors.

The research was funded as part of the NHMRC Partnership Project. It involved the review of more than 43,000 medication orders for 8,000 paediatric patients. To learn more about eMR and eMeds visit: Electronic Medication Management | eHealth NSW

More information about the symposium/research can be found here.

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