Doctor and pharmacist smiling at desks

eMeds now live at Camden and Campbelltown

28 July 2021

Marking the first ever double 'go live', electronic medication management (eMeds) was implemented at both Camden and Campbelltown Hospitals on 23 March. The double activation also marks the fourth implementation for South West Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD), with the new system providing significant digital capabilities.

Dr Ruchi Shah SRMO, General Medicine, Campbelltown Hospital said she was proud to be part of the eMeds team at Campbelltown Hospital. “The eMeds system is the most accurate, safe and efficient way of medication management. eMeds increases transparency across various multidisciplinary teams and contributes to the delivery of timely care to patients,” she said. “As a result, clinicians will now be able to spend more of their valuable time with patients to deliver quality care.”

Doctor and pharmacist smiling at desks
Jason Vu, Informatics Pharmacist, Liverpool Hospital Pharmacy and Dr Rahul Lal, Campbelltown Hospital, Resident Medical Officer

eMeds delivers improved patient safety

The new system improves the accuracy and visibility of medication information between clinicians, allowing them to view medication records electronically rather than searching through paper files.

More than 2,095 staff at both hospitals completed the training in preparation for the change which saw five teams complete the conversion to eMeds in both facilities in just three and a half days.

“I am very proud of the achievement of the SWSLHD eMeds team. We have worked hard to refine our processes and deliver the best result for patient safety and staff useability,” Sally Walker, eMeds Project Manager, SWSLHD, said.

“The amazing clinicians at SWSLHD have embraced the change and benefits of eMeds and are utilising the functionality to provide the highest quality of care to our patients.”

When eMeds is implemented at Fairfield Hospital later this year, it will mark the last of 200 sites across NSW Health, and the completion of the project.

For more information on eMeds, please contact eHealth NSW’s eMR Connect Program Team via email at EHNSW-eMR-Evaluation@health.nsw.

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