Integrated Mobility


The Infrastructure Office is implementing a number of integrated mobility initiatives which will enable corporate and clinical information to be more accessible across NSW Health while still meeting security and privacy requirements.

This will include initiatives such as:

  • Wireless service - to improve WiFi coverage across NSW Health facilities to support clinical outcomes to ensure that every clinician, hotel services, clinical manager and support person who requires mobile access has it.
  • Mobile device management – to ensure that information security, use and acquisition process of mobile devices is managed and monitored and that eHealth NSW customers and pillar organisations are provided with Mobile and Smart Device support services.
  • Remote access – to ensure that staff or users working for and on behalf of eHealth NSW have secure access to eHealth NSW and HealthShare NSW information, assets and resources from locations outside of the eHealth NSW core or extended network.
  • Workplace as a service – to provide NSW Health staff with the flexibility to work anywhere, while seamlessly accessing corporate windows desktop or application environment from a range of devices.
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