Cloud server room in data centre.

Journey to the Cloud

eHealth NSW is transitioning IT infrastructure from on-premise to the cloud to provide greater scalability, flexibility, sustainability and innovation to ICT services across NSW Health.

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Introduction to cloud services

Hosting critical clinical and corporate systems in the cloud rather than on-premise is a pivotal part of NSW Health’s digital transformation. This offers greater scalability, flexibility and interoperability as well as the ability to build once and reuse common digital platforms, architecture and services across NSW Health.

Cloud adoption will help NSW Health accelerate innovation, modernise service delivery and drive better outcomes and experiences for both patients and clinicians.

This transition is in line with the NSW Government’s Cloud Strategy and eHealth NSW’s Infrastructure Refresh Program. It enables us to modernise legacy systems to support essential healthcare services and take advantage of new cloud capabilities such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data analytics.

These cloud-based services have enabled NSW Health to fast-track the delivery of multiple projects, including critical initiatives that formed part of the State’s COVID-19 pandemic response.

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Our services

eHealth NSW offers a range of cloud services to NSW Health including:

  • Foundation services
  • Provider services
  • Self-managed Cloud (SMC)
  • Cloud advisory and consultancy
  • Cloud migration
  • Cloud security

eHealth NSW has extensive experience in navigating the complexities of cloud services and delivered world-firsts in clinical application cloud migrations. We understand the varying requirements of health organisations and offer a range of services to suit different business needs.

We have also embedded our cloud partners within our delivery teams so they can provide coaching and mentoring for our new cloud engineers throughout the migration process.

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eHealth NSW's Journey to the Cloud

Doctor holding tablet showcasing medical imagery.

Benefits of cloud adoption for NSW Health include:

  • Greater security for our IT systems strengthening data protection
  • Increased speed and reliability of systems and applications, ensuring high availability and improved disaster recovery
  • Investment in upskilling our ICT staff with best practice cloud capability
  • Access to AI, data analytics and future technology to enable future innovations
  • Enhanced interoperability between multiple IT systems
  • Flexibility to quickly respond to changing health demands
  • Faster delivery of applications and data storage space.

Cloud server room in data centre.

Some examples of the role we play for NSW Health

Our cloud services team has already supported NSW Health to fast-track the delivery of multiple projects, including critical initiatives that formed part of the State’s COVID-19 pandemic response.

The State Health Emergency Operations Centre (SHEOC) Quarantine Exemption Unit operated a cloud-based call centre, which eHealth NSW set up in just 10 days, for people seeking information on such things as mandatory hotel quarantine.

A range of functional tools and applications integrated into the NSW Health electronic medical record (eMR) platform, the State’s core medical management system, are also cloud-based, providing an anywhere, anytime solution for our hospitals and specialist medical services.

Cloud-based solutions have also helped improve NSW Health’s financial reporting, through the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management tool, as well as providing email archiving tools to support NSW Health staff statewide.

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