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Recruitment and Onboarding (ROB)

Hosted on StaffLink, the ROB system assists NSW Health’s hiring managers to recruit and onboard staff.

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The Challenge

Previously, each health organisation had its own way of managing recruitment and onboarding. The systems used were mostly manual and not integrated with other human resources systems. They also didn’t provide visibility of recruitment and onboarding activity across the state.

For human resources teams, hiring managers and applicants, the process was often rigid, time-consuming, difficult to monitor and involved multiple paper-based forms, spreadsheets and emails.

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The Plan

The NSW Ministry of Health and eHealth NSW partnered to develop a streamlined digital solution. In collaboration with health organisations, they scoped out current and future requirements for a new, single statewide system prior to a rigorous tender process.

These requirements included the ability to:

  • Integrate with NSW Health’s Oracle StaffLink system (the single source of truth for all employee information)
  • Automate management of background checks taking into account risk management
  • Incorporate a variety of recruitment practices across different health organisations while delivering a common recruitment and onboarding process for the state
  • Be hosted in the cloud.

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The Outcome

In 2017, eHealth NSW partnered with NSW Health organisations to implement ROB across the state. eHealth NSW supported a series of phased, local implementations through the provision of change management, training, and communications support. ROB was the first of NSW Health’s HR systems to be transitioned to the cloud in line with the NSW Government’s cloud first policy.

The system itself had many new features providing a range of benefits. These included the:

  • Pre-population of existing NSW Health staff profile data from StaffLink to prevent unnecessary data re-entry and significantly reduce processing time
  • Automation of manual tasks (such as mandatory pre-employment background checks) to speed up and improve data accuracy, an important compliance function
  • Provision of a central online place for hiring managers and successful candidates to view offers and digitally accept contracts
  • New organisation-specific and statewide dashboard reporting to support better workforce planning for frontline and operational services.

ROB has also delivered multiple high volume annual recruitment campaign drives. These include supporting the:

  • Rapid hiring of staff for the state’s COVID-19 mass vaccination response
  • Annual hiring of graduate nurses, graduate midwives, ambulance paramedics and call centre staff across the state
  • Annual hiring and placement of approximately 6,000 junior medical officers.

To give an idea of the volume, each bulk recruitment campaign receives 85,000 applications in six-week period; with 10,000 in the last 3 hours before applications close.

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The Benefits

  • For hiring managers, ROB offers a process which can be managed within a single system reducing data entry and providing the capability to brand, attract and manage a tailored recruitment episode
  • For job applicants, ROB offers a more streamlined digital experience
  • For successful candidates, ROB offers a simpler, more transparent process where their personal details are pre-populated, and they can track the progress of their application and find offers and contracts online
  • For human resources teams and NSW Health executives, ROB provides dashboard reporting which enables better informed workforce decisions
  • Integration with other HR systems provides a secure, seamless flow of employee information statewide.

Key Statistics
applications for NSW Health
205 million+
recruitment transations
job postings managed through ROB
recruiters statewide

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