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Performance and Talent (PAT)

Hosted on StaffLink, the Performance and Talent (PAT) system is a single, statewide system designed to manage performance, track progress and develop a career pathway for NSW Health staff.

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Man looking at computer screen, accessing the Performance and Talent platform.

The Challenge

Prior to PAT, NSW Health organisations managed the performance, development and succession of staff using different processes and systems. The process was time consuming with most organisations using manual, paper-based documentation.

NSW Health needed a new system which would standardise performance and talent management across the state. It needed to be simple to use and easily accessed by staff no matter where or when they worked.

Key requirements included the need to engage staff throughout the year rather than ‘just’ during the annual performance cycle as well as the ability to clearly link individual, team and organisation goals with NSW Health’s strategic priorities.

The system also needed to integrate with other workforce management systems and provide statewide data and analytics. This would provide greater insights to inform workforce planning, particularly in reference to talent data.

Man looking at tablet screen, accessing the Performance and Talent platform.

The Plan

eHealth NSW worked with stakeholders across NSW Health to gather requirements and partnered with the vendor to ensure it met NSW Health’s needs.

PAT was built on a world-class, cloud-based vendor platform in compliance with the NSW Government’s Cloud First mandate. This platform provided a range of modules to manage performance, goals, talent management and succession planning significantly improving NSW Health’s workforce management capability. PAT was also built to be accessible anywhere, anytime across a range of devices as well as easy to use in line with staff expectations. eHealth NSW piloted the PAT platform with its own staff before commencing a phased statewide roll out in 2019.

I love that performance development and reviews are now paperless and stored in one place. The system can also be accessed at any time and place that suits me. This means that I can refer to past reviews and update my goals throughout the year.
Jackie Chu, PAT Implementation Lead, Sydney Local Health District
Head shot of Jackie Chu, implementation lead.
Man looking at computer screen, accessing the Performance and Talent platform.

The Outcome

PAT is now deployed statewide.

PAT is integrated with other workforce management tools including NSW Health’s human resources system StaffLink. This means it can draw on real-time StaffLink data including personal details, line manager’s name, dynamic organisational charts, and each staff member’s next and last performance review date and historical performance records.

With PAT, performance reviews for staff across NSW Health are now recorded in a single database. Where implemented, PAT has improved organisational effectiveness, supported the engagement and retention of talent, is accessible anytime and anywhere, and is saving tens of thousands of manual transactions annually.

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The Benefits

  • A single system to manage staff performance, development and succession
  • Processes consolidated and streamlined within a state-wide system
  • All NSW Health staff performance information is available from one place
  • Integrated with NSW Health’s human resources system, StaffLink
  • Allows easy alignment of individual, team and organisational goals
  • Staff and managers can track performance and career aspirations online
  • Accessible from mobiles, tablets and laptops, anytime, anywhere
  • Simple-to-use, reduces administration, accessible beyond NSW Health network
  • Delivers comprehensive data to inform workforce and succession planning.

Key Stats
staff currently access PAT

Data correct as of May 2023

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