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StaffLink is the single, statewide platform used for managing the key operational aspects of NSW Health’s people and the rest of its assets. It’s used by eHealth NSW, HealthShare NSW, agencies and local health districts.

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StaffLink is based on Oracle applications that facilitates the delivery of the following functions for NSW Health:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Self Service Human Resources and Payroll
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The Challenge

Prior to the establishment of eHealth NSW and HealthShare NSW, every NSW health agency across the state was responsible for their own enterprise resource planning, human capital management, rostering, and payroll systems.

Multiple programs needed to be established to implement a single state-wide platform to support these state-wide functions and processes within eHealth NSW and HealthShare NSW.

Two nurses wearing masks looking at a computer screen.

The Plan

NSW Health would undertake a number of projects to combine multiple independent systems supporting finance, procurement, payroll and human resource functions to enable the establishment of a state-wide shared services environment to meet the needs of all health organisations.

NSW Health was also looking to support these functions, plus all human capital management activities across the state on a single state-wide platform that all health organisations could use to recruit, identify, assign, pay and develop its people.

Female nurse wearing a mask and headset looking at computer monitor.

The Outcome

Now, StaffLink provides NSW Health with a single, state-wide platform for human capital management, human resources and payroll solutions, enterprise resource planning, finance, supply chain and procurement. This has enabled the secure management of system access based on staff information.

The Oracle/StaffLink system has made it easier to create bespoke applications including:

  • VAXHub, a complex system integration which enabled the upload of vaccination records from NSW Health systems to the Australian Immunisation Register so people could access their vaccine passport during the COVID pandemic
  • the user interface which enables specialists to provide remote emergency consultations via a camera installed over bed in emergency wards where required
  • VMoney which enables private clinicians to bill for services where they consult within a public hospital; and
  • ROB which manages human capital management functions such as recruiting and talent management.

Female nurse wearing a mask looking at her computer monitor in a hospital.

The Benefits

  • A single state-wide platform on which to manage key operational areas
  • A single source of operational information facilitating better planning/management
  • Streamlined, standardised and simplified processes for human resources, staff identity and system access, finance, supply chain, procurement and more
  • StaffLink assigns unique identifiers for all NSW Health staff
  • StaffLink is the source for all identify and role-based information that feeds into the corporate directory and is used to grant/revoke system access.

Key Stats
3 million+
invoices processed via StaffLink annually
205 million+
recruitment transactions processsed annually
NSW Health staff use StaffLink annually
pay transactions processed through StaffLink annually

Data correct as of March 2022

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