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VMoney Web

Hosted on StaffLink, VMoney Web is a statewide system that enables Visiting Medical Officers (VMOs) to claim for their services. VMOs are employed by NSW Health as visiting practitioners to treat patients within the public health system. Using VMoney Web, VMOs (or their delegates) can enter details of their hours worked and procedures performed, in order to claim payment.

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The Challenge

In the past, the way VMOs submitted payment claims was inconsistent across different NSW Health hospitals. It was also a manual process, using paper forms, which took time away from patient care. Processing claims was also resource intensive for NSW Health administrative staff. Additionally, without a single system, there was limited data and analytics available for planning and monitoring expenditure from a statewide perspective.

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The Plan

eHealth NSW designed and built a statewide system that enabled the submission and management of VMO claims online.

All payment related information is stored in a single database to allow reporting and recall of previous claims. By leveraging advanced functionality, including automated workflow. VMoney Web reduces the administrative burden on both VMOs and administrative staff. The development of a VMoney mobile application also allows VMOs to capture data at the patient bedside.

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The Outcome

VMoney Web is used by around 7,000 VMOs across 18 NSW Health organisations to process approximately 6,500 claims each month. VMoney Web has replaced multiple manual paper-based systems used across NSW Health.

Female office worker typing on a laptop.

The Benefits

  • A single, statewide system across NSW Health
  • A consistent process for VMOs across NSW Health
  • A consistent process for administrative staff across NSW Health
  • For VMOs, it’s faster to submit and manage claims, and progress can be tracked in real-time
  • For administrative staff, the automated workflow allows them to focus on higher value tasks
  • A single database has meant improved visibility, reporting, planning, and monitoring of expenses.

Key Stats
VMOs use VMoney Web
VMO claims processed each month

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