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Microsoft Teams provides clinicians with a simple, convenient, and efficient way of securely sharing clinical information and collaborating on the go. MedSync is a new function within Microsoft Teams that allows clinicians to upload clinical photography safely and securely from a mobile device into a patient’s health record.

MedSync can be used on personal devices or NSW Health devices (PC’s, mobiles or tablets) and is accessible to clinicians via the Teams application.

Female clinician wearing a mask checking her mobile phone.

The Challenge

Clinical collaboration is a core component underpinning the provision of clinical care, the challenge was to provide clinicians with a secure instant messaging and media management solution they could use on a mobile device.

Clinicians requested a platform that is secure, simple, and quick to use and would support finding a colleague, sending a message or an image and two-way communication.

To reduce the demand on clinicians, a solution was required to simplify and streamline the process of uploading clinical photography to a patient’s health record.

Security and Privacy underpinned the development so that data remains secure, and consent is appropriately recorded.

Female clinician wearing a mask and hairnet checking her mobile phone.

The Plan

eHealth NSW set out to develop MedSync in partnership with Microsoft and clinical subject matter experts from across the Local Health Districts and specialty networks.

The plan was to leverage the investment in Microsoft Teams to support secure instant messaging and integrate the platform with existing clinical systems to support the upload of clinical photography.

To design MedSync, extensive consultation was undertaken with a broad community of clinicians across multiple specialities and locations through a series of workshops, prioritisation sessions and testing. These consultations sought to understand how the application could meet clinician’s needs now and into the future.

By applying a continuous improvement approach, the insights from clinicians have and will be incorporated as system updates. This ongoing feedback will ensure the solution continues to meet the needs of NSW Health clinicians.

eHealth is providing change & adoption resources, training, and implementation via a variety of channels, including in person and virtual sessions.

MedSync is a convenient and secure way to connect with my colleagues on clinical cases. I can easily share images, videos, links and documents related to the patients I am looking after.
A/Prof Naren Gunja,
Chief Medical Information Officer,
Western Sydney Local Health District
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Close up of clinician checking the MedSync system on their mobile phone.

The Outcome

All clinicians across NSW Health now have a platform available to securely message and clinically collaborate on patient care, in addition it provides clinicians the added benefit of being able to upload and enrich the health record with clinical photography.

MedSync was enabled in August 2022, to clinical staff across 16 Local Health Districts and Speciality Networks. Implementation support is now being provided and scheduled with the Local Health District and Speciality Networks to support the change and adoption of the product.

Since MedSync was enabled hundreds of clinicians have used the application from across 13 Local Health Districts and Speciality Networks uploading over 2000 clinical photographs.

eHealth NSW is already receiving very favourable feedback from clinicians and their teams.

Many are describing it as “an absolute game changer” and “a real timesaver”. One clinician even added, “We have better visibility of what is happening with our patients and feel at ease knowing Teams is a secure way to collaborate on clinical cases”.

Group of three clinicians smiling and looking at a tablet.

The Benefits

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use app that can be accessed via the MS Teams desktop, web or mobile application
  • Supports instant messaging and chat between clinicians across the state
  • Support the sharing of clinical images and the ability to upload the image into a patient record
  • Platform is secure, stable and consistent Statewide
  • Reduces time for clinical decision making
  • Improves clinical networks and professional collaboration
  • Images are not stored on the user’s mobile device.

Key Stats
images uploaded in the first month
clinicians involved in design and testing

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