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myVirtualCare is NSW Health’s custom-built, web-based videoconferencing platform that provides a secure virtual consultation room. It supports access to healthcare from anywhere in the state and mimics the physical workflow of a clinical consultation.

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The Challenge

Historically, clinicians across NSW have used multiple platforms and solutions to conduct virtual consultations. There hasn’t been a consistent, fit-for-purpose state-wide approach, and there has been confusion among staff about which service to use.

Previously, clinicians have mostly conducted consultations via telephone to complement in-person appointments. This is due to the lack of system integration, limited staff training, and varying access and user experiences with videoconferencing.

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The Plan

eHealth NSW worked with the Agency for Clinical Innovation to develop and implement a secure and reliable platform that clinicians, patients and carers could use to safely and conveniently conduct virtual consultations.

Together, the agencies captured user requirements and consulted with stakeholders. An initial pilot was conducted in 2019 with six local health districts and specialty health networks, which informed the statewide release of myVirtualCare in September 2020.

eHealth NSW leveraged its existing statewide Pexip videoconferencing service and rapidly upgraded data centre capacity to support the increased use of virtual care across the state.

The standardised clinical platform was based on existing workflows with added functionality such as improved monitoring and reporting. It was also designed to enhance access to interpreter services across NSW.

myVirtualCare should always be an option for appointments.
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Nurse wearing headset looking at computer monitor.

The Outcome

myVirtualCare provides patients with a seamless and convenient way to access their clinical and social care providers using one web link on any internet-enabled device.

Since the development and release of myVirtualCare there has been a significant increase in use of the platform. Clinicians, patients, their families and carers are now experiencing the many benefits of virtual care, especially during COVID-19 lockdowns.

myVirtualCare is supporting patients to access a variety of services including cancer care, palliative care, nutrition and dietetics, pain, mental health, chronic and complex care, and speech and rehabilitation services.

For more information about myVirtualCare, visit the Agency for Clinical Innovation website.

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The Benefits

The many benefits of myVirtualCare include the following:

  • Provides more choice for patients and clinicians about how healthcare is safely delivered
  • Patients can conveniently receive care closer to their home, family and community
  • Saves some patients from travelling long distances to attend appointments
  • Connects family, carers, patients, social and healthcare providers in the one consultation to support integrated care and coordination
  • Provides more equitable and timely access to medical services that otherwise may not be available locally
  • Easy to use with a simple link to access the virtual clinic
  • Patients and clinicians can provide real-time feedback on their experience so system enhancements can be made
  • Helps ensure the continuity of patient care during the COVID-19 response
  • Provides NSW Health with useful data and insights to enhance patient care.

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