VMoney Web

VMoney Redevelopment

VMoney Web is an online time and charge entry application that enables Visiting Medical Officers (VMOs) or their delegates to log the hours, duties and procedures undertaken by them in order to claim payment.

This application replaces the previous paper based system, using workflow to route the claim information to the relevant people/departments/facilities for approval and processing. Data is stored in a database to allow reporting and recall of previous claims if necessary.

Benefits of the Vmoney Web system include

  • Improved ability to monitor status of claims and track payments to VMOs
  • Improved access to VMO payment related reports
  • A single source of information for planning and monitoring expenditure, and analysis
  • Optimisation of VMO resource allocation and utilisation across the NSW Health system through increased resource visibility
  • Reduction of the staff data entry burden, increasing availability for higher value activities
  • Streamlining of the business processes associated with recording, approving and making payment for VMO services – reducing payment 'bottle necks' potentially resulting in faster payments.

Corporate IT is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and development of the application.

For support and advice relating to VMoney Web, please email the Service Centre at HSNSW-vmoprocessing@health.nsw.gov.au.

Access VMoney by clicking on the button below.

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