StaffLink is the consolidated Oracle IT systems that facilitates the delivery of the following functions for NSW Health:

  • Human Resource & Payroll
  • Financials & Procurement
  • Identity & Access Management

Human Resource (HRIS) and Payroll system

In 2013, the implementation of a new Human Resource (HRIS) and Payroll system – known as StaffLink - was concluded for all NSW Health Local Health Districts, Specialty Networks and Health Pillars. The system is streamlining, standardising and simplifying human resources and payroll processes for NSW Health staff.

StaffLink processes the pay for 140,000 health employees around the state on a fortnightly basis. It also allows managers and staff to access pay and leave information, and human resource details online from any computer with internet access.

Oracle Financials and Procurement (FMIS)

In April 2014, the Oracle Financials and Procurement (FMIS) system was re-implemented in StaffLink. This was necessary to ensure that finance and procurement functions are underpinned by the latest supported version of Oracle e-Business Suite and to provide users with a solution that meets the current NSW Health business model.

The system provides new and enhanced functionality for Financials, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cashiering, Invoice Scanning, Purchasing and Procurement.

The online procurement system, iProcurement, was introduced and is providing significant benefits for the 18,000 requisitioners working in the NSW Health public system, including the ability to order from catalogues ensuing key information, including price, are current and consistent.

Identity and Access Management

The user provisioning solution for NSW Health provides a process by which the user identity and role based information is provisioned from the StaffLink (HRIS) application to Active Directory. The Identity Management solution provides a controlled mechanism for granting and revoking user identities that is both secure and auditable.

StaffLink (HRIS) is the source for assigning unique identifiers to all NSW Health staff and initiating the provisioning of access to IT systems. The Identity Management solution utilises the creation/modification/deletion of new identities in HRIS (i.e. hire/transfer/modify/terminate) to trigger provisioning events to the various applications that compose the solution for NSW Health.

End Users can also use the Identity Management solutions self-service functionality to manage their password resets and security questions.

For more information, email Ryan Jehn, Applications Manager, StaffLink.

NSW Health staff can access StaffLink by clicking on the button below.

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