HealthRoster 11

Mandatory global application upgrade for HealthRoster

HealthRoster 11 is now live. Changes to the look and feel of HealthRoster came into effect on Tuesday 13 April due to the decommissioning of Adobe Flash.

Please watch the video below and read on for more information.

What’s changing?

HealthRoster 11 is introducing a new look and feel, however:

  • there are no changes to HealthRoster functionality and system logic, so the upgrade should not impact local business processes, and
  • there are no changes to Employee Online (EOL), EOL Mobile and RosterPerform.

Who is impacted?

NSW Health staff who use HealthRoster to create, approve, maintain and finalise rosters and/or run reports will be impacted, including:

  • Roster Managers
  • Roster Support Staff – e.g. Clinical Support Officers
  • Casual Staffing Office
  • JMO Office
  • Local Roster Administrators
  • Local Roster Coordinators

How do I find out more about this change?

For more information, please contact the eHealth NSW HealthRoster 11 Project Team:

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