Electronic Medication Management (eMeds)

Electronic Medication Management

Electronic Medication Management (eMeds) systems support the improved quality, safety and effectiveness of medication management with NSW hospitals. This includes providing support for doctors, nurses and pharmacists to prescribe, order, check, reconcile, dispense and record the administration of medicines.

The eMeds systems ensure that the delivery of medications to patients is supported by electronic systems, providing access to patient information and clinical decision support in real time.

The eMeds systems can improve patient safety and modernise patient care by improving the way medications are managed at the hospital boundaries and in the hospital itself.

The state eMeds Program supports Local Health Districts (LHDs) to implement and improve a range of processes and systems to deliver the vision of eMeds within the NSW public health system.

The greatest anticipated benefit of implementing eMeds is increased patient safety. This will be made possible through:

  • Reduced medication errors and associated adverse events
  • Improved accuracy and visibility of medication information being communicated between professionals and health care providers
  • Improved communication with patients about their medication
  • Increased legibility of medication orders
  • Reduced variance in prescribing practice.

The other important benefit of the modernisation of how we deliver medications to patients in NSW through the eMeds systems is that it will free up time for clinicians to spend with patients and reduce some of the blocks to patient flows through the hospital system.

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