Patient in hospital bed reading from a digital tablet

Hope platform now live at 210 sites

20 November 2021

The state-wide roll out of the Health Outcomes and Patient Experience (HOPE) platform continues to benefit both patients and clinicians, with 210 sites live.

The purpose-built Health Outcomes and Patient Experience (HOPE) platform was developed by eHealth NSW in partnership with the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and the Ministry of Health (MOH). It enables patients and their carers to provide timely feedback while at the same time supporting the real-time collection of patient reported measures (PRMs).

Patient in hospital bed reading from a digital tablet
Health professionals will have a deeper understanding of a person's disease burden, symptoms or treatment impact, and will be able to provide more holistic care.

How it works

Co-designed with consumers, clinicians and health managers, patients or their carers can use HOPE on a personal device to complete a survey and provide feedback on their health-related experiences and outcomes. These include quality-of-life measures, and what matters most to them.

The care team have real-time access to the PRM survey results, giving health professionals a deeper understanding of the patients’ needs and impacts of treatment. This assists in providing holistic care with a focus on quality-of-life for patients and drives improvements across the health system.


A Nurse Practitioner from Murrumbidgee Local Health District, High Risk Foot Service said: “It is my role to provide holistic assessment and management of my patients. HOPE is a bonus for me, as it addresses a lot of the quality-of-life issues that people with a chronic illness suffer with. It also helps me to direct my management plan in the best way I can with a patient centred approach. The integration of the HOPE system was seamless thanks to the training and implementation provided.

Feedback from patients included: “The survey helped me as it made me look at things I wouldn’t normally think about. When you are asked specific questions about activities such as stairs and getting out of the shower, it made me look further into that.”

“I find the survey easy. It gives me a chance to talk through things that really matter even though I thought it is not necessarily related to my medical condition.”

Roll out

Fourteen local health districts, a specialty health network and a Primary Care General Practice are using the HOPE platform and the state-wide roll out continues.

Since the HOPE rollout began on 1 February 2021:

  • 210 sites have access to HOPE
  • 168 services are using HOPE
  • 4,996 patients have completed a new HOPE survey
  • 21,110 patient surveys have been added to HOPE (9,877 surveys were completed on HOPE and 11,233 were migrated from legacy software)
  • 3,744 respondents stated that they prefer filling out the survey face-to-face, with 1,081 preferring email and 171 preferring SMS.

(Data correct as of 7 October 2021.)

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