Critical care camera at Murrumbidgee LHD

Critical care camera upgrade helps provide life-saving advice

28 July 2021

Immediate, round-the-clock access to specialist advice will ensure improved patient care, particularly for those in need of critical care, thanks to the installation of over 130 critical care cameras as part of a major upgrade to regional and remote services across NSW.

The cameras provide clinicians with access to specialists based at other locations, who can view the patient directly and provide advice to those on the ground. This speeds up diagnosis and treatment for patients and assists clinicians in making informed decisions to better manage a patient’s care.

Dr Shannon Nott, Clinical Director, Virtual Care Accelerator (VCA), said the new cameras and their additional features will make a huge difference. “Not only is this new equipment a game changer for frontline staff and patients, it will ensure a consistent approach across the state when using the network which is primarily located in Emergency Departments, Intensive Care Units and Special Care Nurseries,” he said.

Critical care camera at Murrumbidgee LHD
Critical care camera at Murrumbidgee LHD

The new cameras and network have been piloted in Murrumbidgee, Sydney, Southern, South West Sydney and Mid North Coast Local Health Districts (LHDs), and according to Phil Major, District Manager Patient Flow, the new equipment is already having a big impact in the Murrumbidgee LHD.

“Our team has found the new network to be user-friendly; the cameras are quick to activate, extremely reliable and provide first class video images,” Phil said. “Users have consistently told us that they are highly satisfied, and we also have peace of mind knowing that we can access 24/7 state-wide technical support.”

According to Ian Schrader, VCA Program Director, the new cameras are simple to use and provide higher quality images and video stream. “Relevant specialists located offsite will be able to use a custom-built secure web portal to view a live stream, control the camera, take screenshots and access cameras across multiple LHDs.”

The new cameras and network are being progressively deployed across the state. The rollout is a key initiative of the VCA, a partnership led by eHealth NSW and the Agency for Clinical Innovation, to advance virtual care across NSW Health.

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