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Cloud email provides a foundation for future working

7 April 2022

Working in collaboration with Local Health Districts (LHDs), pillar and health organisations, eHealth NSW will soon complete the move of the entire NSW Health email platform to the cloud involving the migration of more than 200,000 NSW Health email accounts across the state.

Email will continue to remain critical to NSW Health’s infrastructure. Moving to the cloud will ensure our system is more secure and can integrate with existing and future applications. One of the immediate benefits is access to Outlook calendars from Microsoft Teams, enabling users to see their schedule, view shared calendars and easily book meetings.

The eHealth NSW team partnered with our stakeholders to establish real time collaboration channels with local IT teams and held daily project meetings to track and overcome any foreseeable risks and challenges. The team were also agile and flexible to accommodate delays if LHDs needed to reschedule due to other priorities.

female working from home
eHealth NSW is partnering with stakeholders to migrate more than 200,000 NSW email accounts to the cloud

Collaboration process praised

Jon Straker, Group Manager, ICT Operations at South Eastern Sydney Local Health District praised the collaborative approach eHealth NSW has taken to the migration:

“Like all other LHDs we were also managing our response to the pandemic throughout 2021 so it was critical that eHealth NSW worked closely with us and were flexible in their schedule to accommodate our remediation before migration.

He also commended the on-site customer-centric approach that bolstered the local health district teams’ efforts to ensure a smooth migration.

“eHealth NSW contacted us early and set up a team who were always available to answer our questions and solve any issues which came up before the migration.

“They set up daily meetings, which were incredibly useful to find solutions to any potential roadblocks that might have popped up prior to migration and their support team were responsive to questions.

“Overall we were able to get the entire LHD migrated to the cloud over eight nights, it was well planned and executed.” said John.

eHealth NSW will continue to partner with LHDs and Health organisations to migrate all 200,000 email accounts to the cloud by April 2022.

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