Employee Online (EOL) Shift Requests

Shift Requests is a new HealthRoster functionality giving substantive employees (e.g. not applicable to casual employees) the ability to request shifts, days off and Allocated Days Off (ADOs) through Employee Online (EOL).

Please note that shift requests has currently only been implemented in a limited number of Health Districts so may not be applicable to you.

Here are some useful training materials to help you understand how the shift request functionality works for both employees and Roster Managers. Please keep checking this page for updates and new e-learning resources.

EOL shift requests eLearning module for staff

The eHealth module can be accessed through My Health Learning using the search function.

  • Requesting Duties on Employee Online Desktop and Mobile (Non-Casual Staff)

EOL shift requests quick reference guides

EOL shift requests fact sheets

EOL shift requests user guides

EOL shift requests FAQs

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