State wide Rostering Program

HealthRoster is the statewide rostering system for NSW Health delivering patient, staff and organisational benefits. It replaces the myriad of existing roster systems that have been in use around the state, many of which were outdated and unsupported.

HealthRoster completed its rollout to all Local Health Districts (LHDs) and Health Agencies (HAs) in 2018 with over 140,000 employees now rostered to pay. All LHDs and HAs are now rostering corporate, allied health, nursing and midwifery, and medical staff through HealthRoster.

HealthRoster allows managers to effectively roster to unit demand and staffing needs by time of day, day of week and by skill level. Roster creators receive dynamic feedback on these parameters as well as on award compliance during the online building and modification of rosters.

Benefits of HealthRoster include:

  • Improved transparency of shift allocation
  • Improved accountability for roster accuracy
  • Increased flexibility through an online self-service facility for staff to view rosters
  • Better access to roster data for managers to inform decision making

For support please contact your Local Roster Administrator, contact SWSD on 1300 285 533 or visit SARA.

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