HealtheNet: Better healthcare

In NSW, a patient's health information is often spread across a vast number of different locations and incompatible computer systems.

HealtheNet is an eHealth NSW program that connects these disjointed systems. It provides NSW Health clinicians with secure and immediate access to a patient's recent medical history from across all NSW Local Health Districts and a patient's My Health Record.

This means that irrespective of which NSW Health service a patient attends, their treating doctors, nurses and allied health providers will have the information they need to deliver the best care.

Watch a short introductory video below.

Better information results in better patient care

HealtheNet is improving communication between hospitals, community and private healthcare settings by sharing patient information electronically and securely with:

  • Doctors, nurses and allied health providers across all NSW Health Local Health Districts and Specialty Health Networks through the HealtheNet Clinical Portal
  • General Practitioners (GPs), by sending clinical documents, such as hospital discharge summaries, directly to a patient's nominated GP using secure electronic messaging.
  • Patients and their care team by sharing clinical documents with a patient's My Health Record, where a patient has one.

To hear perspectives on HealtheNet from Western Sydney Local Health District watch this video.

HealtheNet includes a number of key eHealth initiatives:

If you have a question about HealtheNet or would like more information, email:

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