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Single digital patient record set to deliver vastly improved patient experience

23 December 2020

With a focus on improved safety, and the quality and continuity of patient care, the single digital patient record initiative will provide a consistent experience for patients and clinicians, as well as improving data analytics and clinical decision support.

To be developed in partnership with industry, the Single Digital Patient Record (SDPR) system, will provide holistic medical information at the point of care. The single platform will incorporate Patient Administration System (PAS), Electronic Medical Record (eMR) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) capabilities.

New system to reshape patient care

“While this initiative will provide untold benefits to all the patients of NSW, we are excited about its potential for improving the health outcomes of our regional patients,” Dr Andrew Montague, Chief Executive, Central Coast Local Health District said.

“By enabling greater collaboration across all local health districts and specialty health networks, the Single Digital Patient Record will provide clinicians with even better tools to keep the patient at the centre of everything we do.”

The SDPR will consolidate geographically fragmented eMR, PAS and LIMS systems to create a detailed lifelong patient record and deliver cost savings. It will also help provide data that can be used to improve health services.

Smiling mature woman
The single digital patient record initiative will provide a consistent experience for patients and clinicians

“The eHealth NSW strategy aims to deliver world class, digitally-enabled, integrated, patient-centred healthcare and will position us well to deliver against the Future Health Strategy for NSW,” Andrew Perkins, Executive Director, Investment, Strategy and Architecture, eHealth NSW added.

“The concept of a Single Digital Patient Record will transform the way we deliver healthcare, and most importantly, will improve the safety, quality and consistency of patient care.”

Seamless care at the heart of SDPR

The SDPR will provide patients with a more seamless care experience by allowing NSW Health clinicians to be better informed, ensuring patients will only have to provide their health information once, even if they need to go to different hospitals.

It will give patients the confidence that regardless of where they live or which service they attend, their information will be available to their treating clinician in its entirety.

“Our vision is to be able to provide a single, holistic, statewide view of every patient – and for that information to be readily accessible to anyone involved in the patient’s care,” Dr Zoran Bolevich, Chief Information Officer NSW Health, Chief Executive eHealth NSW said.

“A key vehicle for this vision is the Single Digital Patient Record initiative.”

In October 2020, eHealth NSW released an Expression of Interest (EOI) for SDPR with the view of identifying a shortlist of suppliers. Successful applicants will proceed to the next procurement stage in early 2021. The initiative is expected to be implemented over a period of six years following successful completion of the multistep procurement process.

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