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28 February 2023

After six years of supporting the digital transformation of the largest public health system in Australia, the Electronic Medical Records (eMR) Connect program roll out is nearly complete.

The eMR Connect program introduced a range of improvements across more than 187 NSW Health sites, laying important groundwork for future digital innovation. According to Alex Soutter, eHealth NSW’s Director, Clinical Portfolio, it is important to reflect on the achievements of eMR Connect as the state continues to prepare for ongoing digital-driven solutions.

“Over the last six years, the eMR Connect program has made it easier for clinicians to access complete medical records", Mr Soutter said.

“In fact, electronic medication management is now available across 200 NSW Health facilities. This means staff can safely and efficiently manage patient medication across multidisciplinary teams.

“eMR Connect was so much more than supporting a transition from paper to digital records.

“It has delivered tools for a range of specialty tasks such as:

  • medication management
  • pharmacy
  • oncology
  • palliative care and,
  • infusion/fluid management.”

Since the development of eMR Connect, a total of 28 new digital solutions are in use across NSW Health.

Arguably one of the greatest enhancements is Electronic Medication Management (eMeds).

eMeds is a digital system that provides clinicians with guidance to manage complex and high-risk medications. The decision support feature has helped staff manage patients taking these medications and resulted in less adverse events.

In addition, clinicians can now electronically manage patients' deterioration, advance care planning, and end-of-life care.

They can also access information from oncology systems which integrate with the eMR. Fluid and infusions, along with blood products can also be digitally managed.

The Comprehensive Care project, which is a key element of eMR Connect, marks a significant milestone in patient care says Mr Soutter.

“It centralises information for clinicians so they can assess risks and develop a holistic personal care plan for each patient,” he said.

“It seeks to improve collaboration between multidisciplinary teams, the patient and their family.

“eMR Connect improved patient safety, the quality of clinical care and equity of access across the state.

“It is clear that the eMR Connect program has helped lay foundations for the NSW Health system to adopt digitally focused solutions now and into the future.”

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