In partnership with Local Health Districts (LHDs), eHealth NSW has a number of statewide responsibilities, including overseeing new governance forums, shaping broad planning and investment strategies, setting technical, clinical and corporate application standards, supporting the roll out of localised and interoperable programs, ensuring accountability and performance, and maintaining NSW Health ICT infrastructure.

eHealth NSW has adopted a federated governance approach to ensure that the effective and timely introduction of eHealth solutions are done in partnership with LHDs and clinicians. This approach balances centralisation – with its focus on standardised core systems and applications and localisation – with a need to innovate and adapt in response to the needs of our clinicians and patients.

Under this new governance arrangement, eHealth NSW is responsible for setting eHealth strategy, policy and standards. LHDs are responsible for supporting the implementation of statewide core systems and ensuring compliance with statewide standards, as well as for selecting, procuring and supporting local functions and systems.

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