Statewide Infrastructure as a Service (SWIS)

Statewide Infrastructure as a service

eHealth NSW is leading the Statewide Infrastructure as a Service (SWIS) program on behalf of NSW Health, which aims to consolidate all NSW Health email and directory services to a single platform.

This will allow employees to login to any NSW Health approved computer or mobile device using the statewide email address and user identification (ID), regardless of which Local Health District (LHD) or health agency they work for.

Over time, the user ID will be used to access all services delivered through eHealth NSW.

Already, the Statewide Infrastructure as a Service (SWIS) program has delivered the new statewide email service to over 40,000 staff using the service.

Benefits of SWIS include:

  • Improved mobility, resource sharing, and collaboration for staff between LHDs and non-health partners such as clinics, universities, other government departments and doctors in their own surgeries
  • Reduction in the number of separate system logins and passwords required
  • Corporate and clinical applications accessed using a single user ID
  • Improved speed and efficiency of information exchange between internal staff and external clients, such as the Ambulance Service, or the Cancer Institute
  • Ultimately, more predictable performance of clinical and corporate systems
  • Improved infrastructure to support improvements in health care delivery.
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