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Year in Review:
Digital connectivity and enablement

22 December 2022

The news items below are included in our eHealth NSW 2022 Year in Review newsletter.

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Cloud transition and infrastructure refresh

As part of the NSW Government’s Cloud Strategy and eHealth NSW’s Infrastructure Refresh Program, eHealth NSW is transitioning IT infrastructure from on-premises to the cloud. This will provide greater scalability, flexibility, sustainability and innovation to ICT services across NSW Health. Already, 30% of eHealth NSW services have been migrated to cloud and 90% of critical applications are planned to be migrated by the end of 2024.

We’re proud to be leading the way. eHealth NSW was the first organisation in the world to host four clinical applications in the cloud, and the first in Australia for two other clinical applications.

Click here to find out more about our cloud journey.

Cyber security awareness

eHealth NSW has continued to provide support for a cyber security awareness and training program for all NSW Health staff.

A mandatory Cyber Fundamentals module and other cybersecurity modules and workshops are available for all NSW Health staff. This program provides staff with the necessary cyber security knowledge to ensure ongoing protection and safety of NSW Health platforms. A suite of 10 Cyber S.A.F.E. training modules remains compulsory for all eHealth NSW staff and strongly recommended for all IT staff across NSW Health.

Education is just one of the cyber security initiatives we continue to drive, in addition to governance and compliance, privacy and security assessments, regular patching and vulnerability management, investigations and initiatives to address the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) ‘Essential Eight (E8)’ cyber security recommendations.

Enterprise Data Lake

eHealth NSW launched the NSW Health Enterprise Data Lake in 2022. This solution creates virtualised environments, where advanced analytics teams can safely curate and analyse the most nuanced data collections, without it leaving NSW Health’s secure network.

This will modernise our analytics capability, implement best practice for data extracts and reduce the timelines, costs and risks associated with developing new data extracts from NSW Health systems. It also presents a significant breakthrough for data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data analytics.

Currently the Clinical Excellence Commission’s Maternity Safety and Quality data extract is being developed using the Data Lake and future data extracts will also be delivered using this new platform.

The Enterprise Data Lake technology was first delivered as a proof of concept at Northern Sydney LHD.

To learn more, visit Enterprise Data Lake.

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