KLAS Workshop

Coming together to improve clinician and patient experience

16th September 2022

This week representatives from across NSW Health met to share insights and learnings for future digital health innovation.

Led by KLAS Research, the five-day workshop focused on electronic Medical Records (eMR) and incorporated knowledge sharing from international colleagues including the UK’s NHS and Intermountain Healthcare and Kaiser Permanente from the USA.

Following on from research undertaken for eHealth NSW in 2021, the event provided further opportunity to collaborate and discuss best practice initiatives.

eHealth NSW Chief Clinical Information Officer and Executive Director, Clinical Engagement and Patient Safety, Dr Mark Simpson said it was a true meeting of minds.

Engagement supports learning processes

“Our original research engaged nearly 6,000 clinicians. Giving them a chance to have their say on improving the eMR and helping us to better understand their needs and opportunities for enhancement.

“This week’s workshops help us to build on those findings. Understanding lessons learnt from those international colleagues who have been there before is incredibly important," Dr Simpson said.

"Their first-hand insights can inform and support the exciting transformation we have ahead of us with the introduction of the Single Digital Patient Record.”

“It is important we listen and understand how we can support this next stage of delivery and get it right for our patients and clinicians.”

Knowledge sharing to shape project success

KLAS Research Vice President, Jeremy Goff said sharing knowledge and experience can shape the success of a project.

“In a digital health system, eMRs are the foundation of how we deliver healthcare," Mr Goff said.

"They are a vital tool used to inform clinical decisions, which is why clinician voices need to inform its evolution.

“This workshop has opened the door to statewide and international knowledge sharing and learning.

"This in turn helps to establish benchmarks for improving clinician and patient experiences."

Local attendees included staff from NSW Health, eHealth NSW, the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC), the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI), NSW Pathology and local health districts (LHD)s.

Learn more about the suite of Electronic Medical Record solutions supported by eHealth NSW visit: Electronic Medical Records

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