Smiling office worker wearing a headset.

Enhancing customer service for COVID-19 quarantine exemptions

29 October 2020

Managing returning travelers has been critical in NSW Health’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The State Health Emergency Operations Centre (SHEOC) Quarantine Exemption Unit has experienced high call volumes from people seeking information on mandatory hotel quarantine.

These enquiries range from concerns about the cost of accommodation to compassionate requests. To manage the volume of calls eHealth NSW provided the SHEOC with a new cloud-based Call Centre. The system was delivered in 10 days.

Tracey Millen, Program Manager, NSW Quarantine Exemptions Unit said: “In this pandemic environment, rapid implementation is paramount, and key has been the rapid response from eHealth NSW”.

Smiling office worker wearing a headset.
Cloud-based Call centre results in faster resolution and shorter wait times for NSW

The new Call Centre allows the SHEOC Exemption Unit to handle call surges while still managing all the necessary reporting requirements. Using the Amazon Connect platform the team can now work from any location which has resulted in faster resolution and shorter wait times.

Tracey Millen says the system gives greater control over call navigation, allowing her team to focus on other key areas of their work. “It's a win-win situation – a better experience for callers with faster response times, which is contributing to the protection of NSW residents from spread of the illness for which the source of infection is unknown.”

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