Two smiling female clinicians working at a computer.

Assessing Single Digital Patient Record options

19 December 2019

eHealth NSW’s Single Digital Patient Record (SDPR) initiative is making progress in its aim to develop electronic medical record (EMR) maturity and capabilities, creating greater consistency across the state and into the future.

Following an industry briefing in August, eHealth NSW formally engaged the market through an open Request for Information (RFI). This will help to inform future business case development by enabling industry to offer valuable input into the SDPR initiative.

“Industry partners had until 2 December to offer their input into how a SDPR could work across NSW Health, including information about key products, services, approaches, costs, options and lessons learnt from previous experiences,” said Andrew Perkins, Executive Director of eHealth NSW’s Investment, Strategy and Architecture directorate.

Two smiling female clinicians working at a computer.
Providing clinicians with a consistent and enhanced experience of electronic medical record systems is an aim of the Single Digital Patient Record initiative

The benefits of a SDPR include:

  • Improved safety and quality in the continuity of patient care;
  • A consistent patient experience;
  • A consistent and enhanced clinician experience with EMR systems;
  • Greater ease of integration with community-based and private healthcare providers; and
  • Enhanced ability to implement consistent data analytics and clinical decision support.

Responses from industry partners are expected to include information on solutions, services and experiences that they could potentially provide to support a future SDPR.

Senior representatives from across NSW Health will participate in a review of industry responses to the RFI, and information gathered will help inform and support development of the business case.

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