Performance and talent system for staff

The Performance and Talent (PAT) system is a new way for NSW Health staff to record performance and career development goals and capture performance reviews. It is designed to support the performance and development conversations and provide staff with improved ways to document their goals and capture performance reviews.

PAT enables NSW Health staff to record and store performance information online. It allows sharing of goals making it easier to ensure everyone is working towards NSW Health strategic and organisational outcomes. Because PAT is integrated with StaffLink, key personal and employment information is pre-populated, and the workflows between managers and their direct reports are automated.

PAT doesn’t replace the performance and talent development conversations between managers and staff, but it does support them. Having an online record makes it easier for staff to focus on their performance goals and reviews throughout the year, not ‘just’ during the performance review cycle. It also makes preparing for and following up on performance meetings easier and more effective.

Check out this video (3:47) to find out more

Benefits of using PAT

  1. PAT is integrated with StaffLink so all relevant information is pre-populated in PAT and StaffLink doesn’t need to be manually updated at the end of each performance review period.
  2. Gives access to NSW Health organisational charts, find out who fits where.
  3. Available online, no more losing paper forms.
  4. Allows easy alignment of individual, team and organisational goals.
  5. Inbuilt workflow so you can create, submit and have goals approved all within PAT.
  6. Simple-to-use and can be accessed from outside NSW Health network or intranet.
  7. Accessible from mobiles, tablets and laptops, so you can use it on-the-go.

Log in to PAT

If PAT has been implemented within your health organisation, click on the button below and log in using your StaffLink details. If it hasn’t, PAT should be available in the next few months, please contact your local Director of Workforce.

Login to PAT

Privacy statement

The Performance and Talent (PAT) system holds NSW Health employee personal information, such as your name and other details transferred from StaffLink, and your performance and development records.

Information held in the PAT system may only be accessed by your managers and Human Resources staff in each NSW Health Entity. Access is only permitted for authorised purposes.

Your information held in the PAT system is available to authorised staff in other NSW Health organisations. If you are employed by another NSW Health organisation in the future, the information may be accessed by your managers and the Human Resources staff of that organisation for authorised purposes.

You have a right of access to, and to request the correction of, any inaccurate personal information held in the PAT system.

Who Can I Contact?

If you are experiencing difficulties logging into PAT please contact the Statewide Service Desk on 1300 28 55 33. For all other enquiries regarding PAT contact your local HR/Workforce Team.

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