Performance and Talent system for Staff

The Performance and Talent (PAT) system is a new way for NSW Health staff to record performance and career development goals and capture performance reviews. It is designed to support the performance and development conversations and provide staff with improved ways to document their goals and capture performance reviews.

PAT enables NSW Health staff to record and store performance information online. It allows sharing of goals making it easier to ensure everyone is working towards NSW Health strategic and organisational outcomes. Because PAT is integrated with StaffLink, key personal and employment information is pre-populated, and the workflows between managers and their direct reports are automated.

PAT doesn’t replace the performance and talent development conversations between managers and staff, but it does support them. Having an online record makes it easier for staff to focus on their performance goals and reviews throughout the year, not ‘just’ during the performance review cycle. It also makes preparing for and following up on performance meetings easier and more effective.

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Benefits of using PAT

  1. PAT is integrated with StaffLink so all relevant information is pre-populated in PAT and StaffLink doesn’t need to be manually updated at the end of each performance review period.
  2. Gives access to NSW Health organisational charts, find out who fits where.
  3. Available online, no more losing paper forms.
  4. Allows easy alignment of individual, team and organisational goals.
  5. Inbuilt workflow so you can create, submit and have goals approved all within PAT.
  6. Simple-to-use and can be accessed from outside NSW Health network or intranet.
  7. Accessible from mobiles, tablets and laptops, so you can use it on-the-go.

PAT training - quick reference guides (QRGs)

QRGs for staff

QRGs for Managers:

PAT training videos

Videos for staff

Videos for managers

PAT training - frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Performance and development goals

How can I make sure new starts have access to PAT?

All staff will be provided with access to Performance and Talent (PAT) as part of the project roll-out. For new starts, the user provisioning process is scheduled to run daily in production to ensure they have access to PAT as early as possible.

What does aligning a performance goal mean?

When you align a performance goal to an organisational goal, you create a relationship between the two that indicates that the aligned goal (your performance goal) supports the source goal (the organisational goal). Staff can update or modify their goals as needed, or remove the alignment.

Who can share a performance goal?

Sharing a performance goal with others enables them to 1) add it to their goals and or 2) align their goals to it. The goal you share still belongs to you and can't be changed by the people with whom you’ve shared it. Goals can be shared by managers with direct reports, and by staff with their team members and or colleagues in other teams.

Can I update a performance goal after I have submitted it for approval?

Goals submitted for approval are ‘read-only’ until the related goal plan is approved. When you submit a goal for approval, you also submit the plan to which the goal belongs. All goals in the goal plan remain ‘read-only’ until the manager approves the goal plan and the goals it contains.

What happens when a manager rejects a goal?

When manager rejects a goal, 1) the employee receives a notification in PAT, 2) the employee receives an email from PAT with information from the manager about why it was rejected and 3) the goal returns to ‘draft’ status. Rejected goals go back to the employee to edit and resubmit, or delete if not required.

Performance review

How long can I see my performance evaluation documents for?

Three years for completed documents. However HR Admin continue to have access to all performance evaluation documents for all staff members.

I don’t report to the manager recorded in StaffLink, what do I do?

If you report to a manager different from the one StaffLink’s structure, you and or your manager in StaffLink can change the name of your manager at the time of creating the performance review document.

I report to two managers in the same health district. Does PAT support this?

No. PAT’s inbuilt workflow is based on you having one manager. (That is the one that is entered into StaffLink.) However, if both of your managers work in the same health district, we suggest you ask them to agree for one or other of them to submit your performance evaluation for you.

I report to two managers, both in different health districts. Does PAT support this?

Yes, both managers can submit a performance evaluation for you if both health districts are already using PAT. If only one is using PAT, only this manager can submit a performance evaluation in PAT. The other manager will need to submit a performance evaluation for you outside of PAT.

What happens if I get a new manager?

Your performance and development goals will automatically be transferred to your new manager. Performance evaluation document(s) that have already been created will need to be transferred to the new manager (via a local business process). Transfer function available for managers.

How are Multiple Assignments managed in Performance and Talent (PAT)? Are there multiple performance review documents?

Two scenarios here:

  1. if you have two assignments in the same health district, you’ll end up with one performance evaluation at the end of the review period.
  2. if you have two assignments, each in a different district, you’ll end up with a performance evaluation document for each assignment (each completed by a different manager). If both health districts are live with PAT, they can both complete separate evaluations within PAT.

If I submit my performance evaluation document several times a year, does each new submission create a new row in StaffLink?


I’m having trouble updating my performance document, why is that?

Performance documents are ‘read-only’ once submitted to a manager. If you want to make any further changes to your performance document ahead of your manager approving it, you’ll need to ask them to return the performance document to you.

As a manager, why can't I see my staff member’s comments and ratings?

You can only see comments and ratings after your staff member has completed the self-evaluation and submitted the performance evaluation document. Once this has been done, you can view their performance document from the ‘Performance Management’ work area.

Is the information regarding who conducted the performance review available in Staff Link?


Who Can I Contact?

If you are experiencing difficulties logging into PAT please contact the Statewide Service Desk on 1300 28 55 33. For all other enquiries regarding PAT contact your local HR/Workforce Team.

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