HealtheNet Clinical Portal

The HealtheNet Clinical Portal is a secure database that provides NSW Health clinicians with immediate access to patient information which resides outside of the hospital's electronic medical records (eMR). This includes recent medical information from other NSW Health Local Health Districts and information available in the My Health Record.

Through the HealtheNet Clinical Portal treating clinicians can access patients':

  • Statewide discharge summaries from NSW public hospitals
  • Statewide radiographic images and reports
  • Statewide hospital encounter history information from Emergency, Inpatients and Outpatients departments
  • Statewide patient identifiers from NSW public hospitals and a patient's national Individual Healthcare Identifier
  • NSW Community Health Services episodes of care information
  • My Health Record information

Protecting Patient Privacy

NSW Health staff are bound by strict privacy laws and policies. This means they are only permitted to access HealtheNet for work-related purposes and in accordance with privacy laws.

The HealtheNet Clinical Portal also has strict access controls and audit capabilities to monitor all access to the system.

For information about your privacy as a NSW Health patient:

Other HealtheNet key eHealth initiatives include:

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