Welcoming Aboriginal ICT trainees to eHealth NSW

3 June 2019

eHealth NSW has welcomed five Aboriginal ICT Trainees and one full-time Analyst to our State Wide Service Desk (SWSD), the 24/7 help desk servicing the 150,000+ staff members of NSW Health.

Conway Oliver and Raymond King have joined the SWSD’s Parramatta operation, while Riley Layer, Jackson Filmer and Tomas Woods are new to the Newcastle desk. In addition, Thomas Evans has commenced in the Newcastle team as a full-time SWSD Analyst.

Their traineeships and appointment form part of our Aboriginal Employment Plan, which aims to provide greater opportunities for Indigenous people, to support Aboriginal staff to build and develop their career with us, and to enhance staff understanding of the world’s oldest living culture.

“The traineeship program we have established at eHealth NSW has the power to be life-changing,” said Abby Frith of the Aboriginal Workforce team.

“This is not just about giving Aboriginal people jobs – it is about empowering Aboriginal people such as these young men, who recently finished high school and are continuing their studies, to build long-term careers.”

Ms Frith said the trainees, most of whom are aged in their mid to late teens, were “succeeding at work and going back out into their communities saying how much they love their jobs, which has positive flow-on effects for their friends and families”.

eHealth NSW Chief Executive Dr Zoran Bolevich welcomed the trainees and said he looked forward to following their contributions to the digital transformation of NSW Health.

Ms Frith encouraged any eHealth NSW managers considering offering Aboriginal traineeships in the areas of administration or IT to email HSNSW-AboriginalCareers@health.nsw.com.au or call 1800 004 546.

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