Use of CIAP grows exponentially

Graph showing CIAP usage increasing since 1999
21 March 2016

Clinicians working in the NSW public health system highly value and are increasingly utilising – particularly on their smartphones and at home – eHealth NSW's Clinical Information Access Portal (CIAP).

More than 60 million accesses – that is, page views, article requests and sessions – were made by NSW Health clinicians to CIAP resources in 2015, with drug resources the most highly sought-after.

High usage of online evidence-based medicine (EBM) resources has been shown to inform clinical decision-making and supports the integration of best practice at the point of care. CIAP provides the most relevant EBM resources and supports clinicians' access of them through multiple access points.

“A major benefit of CIAP is the equitable access it affords to EBM information at the point of care for all clinicians, regardless of their geographic location or the size of the institution in which they are working,” said Marie Pryor, Manager of CIAP at eHealth NSW.

Annual usage has surged since CIAP was established in 1996, and the latest statistics show that a high proportion of clinical staff is aware of CIAP, find it is easy to use and feel it assists them to locate clinical decision support information to meet their needs, said Marie.

And interestingly, more than a quarter of clinical staff in NSW Health now access CIAP resources on a mobile device or at home.

The increase, seen across all clinical groups, is likely due to an increase in the availability and range of resources available via increasingly mainstream mobile devices such as smartphones, Marie said.

A number of important achievements were accomplished in 2015, including extensive statewide clinical engagement with NSW Health staff to review the CIAP content and understand the most optimal resources to make available via CIAP, review of search technologies to improve discoverability of content, and provision of ongoing education, marketing and helpdesk services.

“The very high satisfaction rate of users of these CIAP services demonstrates CIAP's dedication to support clinicians to integrate the best available evidence into practice and improve patient outcomes,” Marie said.

Understanding and supporting the current needs of CIAP users will allow CIAP to remain highly valued and aligned with NSW Health's strategic direction, Marie said.

CIAP - fast facts

  • In July CIAP will celebrate 20 years of supporting NSW Health clinicians in their care of patients
  • CIAP was the first of its kind in the world to use the internet to bring clinical evidence to the point of care
  • Of clinicians surveyed last year, the majority use CIAP every day
  • 2,000+ clinicians attended CIAP training in 2015 to improve their knowledge and skills in locating and integrating the best available evidence into clinical practice.
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