Customer survey results support improvements, planning

2017 eHealth Customer Survey results for Satisfaction
2017 eHealth Customer Survey results for EngagementCustomers of eHealth NSW are becoming more satisfied with its services and more aware of the organisation’s purpose and objectives.

1 September 2017

That’s just two of the findings of the 2017 Customer Survey, which asked NSW Health staff across the state to provide feedback on eHealth NSW service lines, the systems they implement and support, and the processes they follow when working with hospitals and health agencies.

eHealth NSW customers were last surveyed in 2015, and a comparison of results show that customers are significantly more satisfied (10% increase) than they were two years ago.

Engagement scores – measuring the extent to which customers trust and value eHealth NSW as an organisation – are also moving in the right direction, with a small increase in the number of customers who are highly engaged, and a significant reduction in the number of disengaged customers (down from 22% in 2015 to 14% in 2017).

One of the common results across all service lines and program areas was praise for eHealth NSW staff, with customers indicating a strong level of satisfaction with their helpfulness and knowledge.

The survey also highlighted areas for further improvement, with the following identified as particular pain points for some customers:

  • Time required to log on to systems and applications
  • Sufficiency of consultation around programs
  • New systems and programs being fit for purpose.

These issues are now being discussed in detail with health agencies, with the results used more broadly to help shape the eHealth NSW business plan.

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