Smoother rotations for junior doctors

9 October 2019

Every year, NSW Health employs around 5,500 junior medical officers (JMOs) to provide direct patient care under the supervision of senior doctors. As part of their internships and residencies, around 1,000 of them rotate through a range of NSW Health hospitals and facilities, exposing them to experience in a range of care settings.

Having so many apprentices on the books has meant mastering the art of rostering them across a number of different hospitals is no easy feat.

And so, to help facilitate JMOs’ rotations through different hospitals, eHealth NSW has developed a Roster Unit Module (RUM) which is now making life easier for the managers responsible while also ensuring JMOs are paid on time and correctly.

“At the busy teaching hospital where I work, the process of reflecting rotation details in the system, and ensuring junior doctors are paid on time, was extremely time-consuming and a major headache for all JMO Managers like me,” says Judy Muller, JMO Manager, Northern Sydney Local Health District.

“The new Roster Unit Module (RUM) allows us to rotate JMOs between NSW Health hospitals and I greatly appreciated how eHealth NSW engaged users in the process to develop a system which understands our unique challenges and helps to address them.”

Roster Unit Module was inspired by feedback received during the roll-out of HealthRoster, said Ryan Jehn, Director, Corporate Applications, eHealth NSW.

“Before RUM, there was no easy way to recognise a JMO recruited to one hospital needs be rostered at a different hospital with a different legal employer, pay cycle and cost centre structure,” said Mr Jehn. “There is now, and we are getting fantastic feedback on it from all our stakeholders.”

Together, eHealth NSW’s HealthRoster Program and Oracle Applications teams, with HealthShare NSW’s Employee Services, collaborated with JMO Managers to develop and implement RUM state-wide.

“Employee Services previously manually updated records for JMO rotations, which was incredibly labour intensive,” said Michael Tjiputra, Associate Director Employee Services, HealthShare NSW.

“RUM has streamlined this process, reducing the turnaround time between rotation submission and the ability to roster JMOs from up to 10 days to just one day.”

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