Scalable, secure cloud services

19 December 2019

eHealth NSW is now brokering cloud-based services from Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, with these health-integrated platforms assisting in the delivery of applications and ICT services for NSW Health.

eHealth NSW is always looking for new ways to better support integrated care for patients who attend our hospitals and health services; large-scale health programs in the community; and the staff who support our clinicians by managing NSW Health’s ‘back office’.

“We’ve listened to our customers and we’re now drawing on cloud computing solutions to bring greater agility and unlock further innovation,” said Farhoud Salimi, Executive Director, Service Delivery, eHealth NSW.

Recently, these cloud-based services enabled NSW Health to fast-track the delivery of two initiatives. One scheduled students to receive dental checks and the other assisted the scheduling of immunisations against influenza ahead of ‘flu season.

“We’re empowering health entities to leverage these capabilities in partnership with us,” said Adam Stanzione, Cloud Services Manager, eHealth NSW.

“We’ve built basic guardrails into these products to help reliability and security. With a few clicks via the Service Catalogue within SARA, our customers can now be set up with their own virtual data centre in just one business day.”

For more information, take a look at this 70-second video on cloud services.

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