How can harnessing data lead to better health?

18 November 2016

NSW’s key public-sector clinical and information leaders recently tackled this question, and many more like it, at a full-day workshop launching the implementation of the NSW Health Analytics Framework.

Held in Sydney on 22 September, the NSW Health Analytics Framework implementation workshop was attended by 84 representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Pillars, research organisations and universities.

Building on the NSW Health Plan, the eHealth Strategy for NSW Health: 2016-2026 and the NSW Health Analytics Framework, this event featured presentations, workshops and round-table discussions in the broad field of health analytics.

Facilitated by an international expert in health informatics and health data analytics, Professor Iain Buchan, the workshop provided a wealth of information, collaboration and innovation which is adding depth and context to the developments in the field of health analytics underway in NSW.

“The workshop was very thought-provoking,” said Jill Reyment, Deputy Director of Murrumbidgee Local Health District’s Clinical Governance Unit.

“I think our number-one priority is to work with our clinical staff and patients to help identify and develop a hypothesis together and then set out together to develop solutions to solve the problems.”

Following the workshop, the inaugural meeting of the NSW Health Analytics Framework steering committee took place. Four working groups will be established:

  • Clinical Analytics
  • Data Governance, Access and Ethics
  • Data Managers and Custodians
  • Workforce Skills and Training

The working groups will drive the priority actions of the Framework, which provides a five-year vision for analytics for NSW.

For further information, email Wilson Yeung Implementation Manager, NSW Health Analytics Framework.

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