Glucose management e-tool providing better diabetes care

13 August 2018

eHealth NSW, in partnership with the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and Local Health Districts (LHDs), is improving diabetes care with a glucose management e-tool, originally developed in partnership with Sydney Local Health District.

The result is an Australian-leading innovation which supports NSW Health clinicians to provide a new standard of care and promote more consistent practice and safer care for patients with diabetes, in particular when monitoring treatment.

A collaborative, consultative and iterative approach was taken over two years to develop a glucose management view (GMV) within the electronic medical record (eMR), which applied principles of user-centred design.

The use of insulin is one of the top causes of medication errors and adverse events while at the same time, one in five acute-care hospital admissions requires diabetes management.

eHealth NSW collaborated with multiple health agencies and consulted with diabetes management experts, progressing design iterations on paper and in system.

The GMV is in use at several LHDs, with plans for implementation at six rural LHDs as well as interstate jurisdictions.

The ACI’s Endocrine Network has recommended that all NSW sites with electronic medication management (eMeds) functionality of the eMR prioritise implementation and others prioritise its addition into their go-live scope.

Watch this informative video about the Glucose Management View.

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