eRIC enhances ICU integrated patient care at The Maitland Hospital

30 July 2018

eHealth NSW's Electronic Record for Intensive Care (eRIC) provides greater opportunities for integrated patient care at The Maitland Hospital, the 12th Intensive Care Unit (ICU) across NSW to implement the state-of-the-art clinical information system.

Integrating data every minute from multiple devices into a clinical information system, eRIC replaces the paper charts and forms used in ICUs.

A concern with paper charting includes illegible handwriting and misplaced notes, said Dr Vinodh Madapusi, ICU Director at The Maitland Hospital.

“Apart from legibility and  greater accountability, transferring comprehensive patient information on discharge creates greater opportunities for integrated patient care. The electronic Handover of Care (eHOC) document is generated upon a patient’s discharge from ICU and is of particular benefit for ward staff and other clinical teams as it provides full visibility of the patient’s ICU stay,” said Dr Madapusi.

“As hospital staff start using eRIC, staff that care for patients in intensive care will be able to review and further understand the patient's notes.

“Documenting an intensive care patient is done cleanly and clearly so that patients can be followed up, not only for clinicians within the unit but also for other wards, enhancing communication between wards,” said Dr Madapusi.

“The simplified and minute-by-minute automated data collection provides more accurate trends in patient assessments, further supporting the care of ICU patients,” said Leniece Trotter, Nurse Unit Manager at The Maitland Hospital.

“Rather than staff having to locate and use both the medical record and bedside charts to correlate patient information, documentation is consolidated into a one-stop-shop,” said Ms Trotter.

“Documentation is more structured and legible, allowing interdisciplinary teams to clearly locate and identify plans of care for the patient.

“Time is saved not having to locate and order paper charts, providing more time to care for the critically ill,” said Ms Trotter.

The Maitland Hospital joins the recent roll-out at John Hunter Hospital as the second Hunter New England Local Health District (HNELHD) ICU to deploy eRIC.

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