Enhancing ICU patient care at Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital

13 August 2018

Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital south of Sydney has welcomed eHealth NSW's Electronic Record for Intensive Care (eRIC) into its 14-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU), enhancing the safety and quality of care its clinicians are able to offer to the critically ill.

More than 250 beds in 13 ICUs across the state are now reaping the benefits of eRIC, which replaces paper charts and forms by electronically capturing patient data every minute from multiple systems and devices.

Having enhanced the care of more than 7,000 NSW patients so far, eRIC gives clinicians access to more patient data as well as the ability to configure this information in a more meaningful way, said Dr Grant Simmons, Acting ICU Director at Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital.

“eRIC decreases drug errors, provides more accurate information, and can facilitate research through data collection," said Dr Simmons.

eRIC also enhances the reliability of patient information by removing the difficulty of deciphering handwritten notes, said Acting Nurse Manager Christine Trost.

“The medication management section of eRIC is different to paper charting and significantly enhances the legibility of the prescribed information,” she said. “By consolidating the prescribed medication, IV fluid orders, infusion orders and blood and blood products in one location, accessibility of the prescription is enhanced.”

By removing the laborious manual processes involved with paper charting, eRIC ensures highly accurate and timely information is immediately available to clinicians.

The latest go-live at Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital means Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (LHD) has become the state’s fourth to use eRIC across all of its ICUs, joining South Eastern Sydney, Northern NSW and Mid North Coast LHDs.

eHealth NSW’s statewide roll-out of eRIC continues, with the next deployment scheduled for Tamworth Hospital in late September

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