Delivering comprehensive care via our eMR

27 August 2019

eHealth NSW is designing an enhancement to the electronic medical record (eMR) that will support clinicians in providing comprehensive care to patients, with state-wide deployment expected to commence in 2020.

Comprehensive care seeks to ensure a patient’s healthcare is planned and informed by their clinical and personal needs and preferences, and is delivered in partnership with patients, their families and/or carers.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Health and the Clinical Excellence Commission, this work will contribute to addressing the requirements of the second release of the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

“As we redesign eMR functionality to meet the Comprehensive Care Standard, we want to address many of the pain points in the way patient care activities are documented and communicated,” said Rick Turner, Program Director of eHealth NSW’s eMR Connect Program.

“In doing so, we aim to make eMR formats more consistent, create tools that are better at collecting and documenting comprehensive care information and plans, and ensure the end-to-end patient journey is more connected.”

Developing a new and improved state-wide eMR solution requires insights from across the NSW Health network. Chief Executives from across the system have nominated representatives for a Comprehensive Care Design Working Group (DWG).

“Crucially, the project will include patient representation,” said Mr Turner.

“This will help to inform the process of how we partner with patients in their own care, and how we incorporate their personal needs and preferences. Additional work will be done to ensure we are addressing these needs in the most appropriate, effective and sustainable way.”

The priorities for the first phase of the project are inpatient care, and implementing the foundational building blocks spanning visibility of care, risk screening and assessment, diagnosis, and goals of care.

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